a landmark down to earth

Concéntrico 05 Festival internacional de arquitectura y diseño de Logroño

Location: Logroño, ES
Client: Concéntrico 05
Project Status: competition entry, Finalist



When we walk around our cities, especially in the historic centres of the European cities, we often look up to admire the beauty of the buildings that define their unique skyline. What if we would be to experience the historical imagery that we have always perceived standing far above our heads?

We think that Plaça Santa Ana in Logroño gives us the extraordinary opportunity to create a temporary pavilion able to resonate with its magnificent urban context and to become a new focal point along its medieval paths. Inspired by the majestic skyline of the church of Santa Maria de Palacio, our work aims to reinterpretate the octagonal tower to create a new experience of light for the visitors.

The central plan will help the pavilion to become the new hub of the piazza, where all the surrounding paths ideally converge to. In this way, the visitors will be persuaded to pass across it, experience the vibrant and vertical inner space and get new framed sights of the monuments through this new “landmark down to earth”.