Piazzale Charlie Chaplin

Renovation of a public square in Parma

with Sara Antolotti
Location: Parma, IT
Project Status: Scheme Design

After being shortlisted for a study to integrate "the urban plan for the improvement of the public realm in Parma", we were appointed to design the renovation of a public square in a delicate, peripheral area of the city. The project aims to break the invisible barriers created by the urban zoning and stimulate the livability of the public realm by creating a physical and ecological connection between the square, bounded entirely by council housing blocks, to the nearby sport centre. A new paved surface defining a new path in the urban fabric that prioritize the pedestrian and give the community a place where they can gather, sit and meet each other. Once included in a wider network, the adjacent green, which used to be an abandoned and unsafe area, has the potential to become an active garden for the community.